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We've built this site to conform to W3C standards for XHTML and CSS, and we strive to achieve a AA (Double) accessibility rating against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG). This means our site will be accessible by the widest range of devices and users now and in the future.

Skipping to the page's content

The content of each page can be accessed quickly by following the 'skip to content' link found at the start of each page. You may also skip to the start of the page content at any time by using the shortcut key "S". The following section describes how to use keyboard shortcuts in most browsers.

Using our site's keyboard shortcuts (access keys)

This website uses the following access keys that follow the UK government standards to aid navigation:

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To use keyboard shortcuts:

  • In Internet Explorer, hold Alt and press the shortcut key, then press Enter
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  • In Chrome, hold Alt and press the shortcut key
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Please refer to your browser help for other browsers.

How to resize the text in your browser

To increase the text size in your browser:

  • In Internet Explorer 7 onwards and Firefox, hold Control and press
  • In older Internet Explorer versions, go to the ‘View' menu and choose from the ‘Text size' options

For further information on customising your browser and making the web easier to use the BBC has produced My Web My Way guidance. This provides accessibility help, enabling computer users to make the most of the internet whatever their ability or disability.

All of our pages are able to be printed.

Our pages should print well without the need for a separate print version. Just use your browser's normal print function.

Help us to help you

While we have made every effort to keep our website accessible, problems may still arise. We are committed to addressing any accessibility issues promptly. If you encounter any difficulties using this site please let us know. contact us online or on Tel: 0131 275 6491.