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The successful management of diabetes is very important to all patients as it directly affects their condition and the associated symptoms and affect that can result from this metabolic disorder.

The regular checking of measuring sugar (glucose) levels in a body is by pricking a finger and testing a small drop of blood. This requirement can lead to reluctance on regular testing and monitoring which can then lead to a deterioration in the health of the individual.

More effective ways of testing and monitoring the sugar (glucose) levels is a constant focus and Requirement for all associated healthcare professionals as well for the patients concerned. Around 300,000 people are diagnosed with this condition in Scotland.


Freestyle Libre® is a new device for measuring sugar (glucose) levels in the body. The use of Freestyle Libre® may allow some people with diabetes, who need to regularly monitor their glucose levels, to reduce the number of times per day they need to measure their blood glucose by pricking their finger and testing a small drop of blood.

With Freestyle Libre®, a disposable sensor is worn on the arm. This sensor contains a fine fibre which pierces the skin and measures glucose levels in the body tissues. Scanning across the sensor with a mobile phone app or handheld device provides the user with information on glucose levels and on how they are changing over time. Readings can be conveniently obtained at any time.


Within Scotland, this product and it’s benefits, were assessed by the Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG) who issued advice and guidance on it’s appropriate use.

This product is now being widely utilised within the community after consideration by each Board’s prescribing committees and consideration of the available information

Healthcare professionals and patient representatives from Diabetes Scotland emphasised the potential benefits to the health and quality of life of adults and children with diabetes - from having convenient access to more detailed information about their glucose levels, and being able to reduce finger-prick testing.

Weighing up the costs and the benefits of Freestyle Libre® suggests that this device is good value for money.

Advice for NHS Scotland

This product is now available, and being used, within each Health Board. Further information can be obtained for the appropriate clinical group.

Published on: 17 March 2019