Innovation Test Beds In Scotland for Health and Social Care

In this section on innovation test beds there will be various video links for areas such as COPD, Dermatology and Mammography. Please click the links below the video descriptions.


In the first video on Test beds for innovation in Scotland. You will find out about. 

a) Innovative health care solutions.

b) Collaboration and co-design.

c) Real world testing.

d) Rapid prototyping and scale up.

e) Economic growth for Scottish tech businesses. 

Test Beds short film

Project 1: Covid 19 Clinical Assessment tool. The aim is to collect data for clinical assessment of C19 digitising a paper service.

 C19 Assessment Tool

Project 2: Dermatology Digital Consultations. The aim is to create a virtual asynchronous video platform

Dermatology Digital Consultations

Project 3: Breast cancer Mammography and machine learning. The aim is to create an AI tool to assist radiologists when interpreting images and scans

AI tool in Breast Cancer Mammography

Project 4: COPD remote monitoring and early intervention. The aim is to create the ability to remotely monitor patients in the various non acute settings such as homes or care institutions.

COPD remote monitoring

Project 5: V Create Neurology diagnosis and management. The aim is to create an asynchronous video service

V Create neurology

Published on: 30 September 2020