National Innovation Event - Igniting Innovation 25th August 2021


The next Innovation Network Meeting will be on 25th August - Igniting Innovation  2 – 4.30 pm.   The  North of Scotland Innovation Hub will host. Exploring the role of innovation test beds, the event will consider what is needed to deliver innovation into health and social care services, showcase success, and encourage collaboration across the health innovation community. Themes include Remobilisation Plans and the 4 national Care Programmes, City and Regional Deals, Golden Jubilee Hospital plans for a national adoption and scaling service ANIA (Accelerated National Innovation Adoption) AI success and national update from Dr David Lowe Clinical Director for Innovation Scottish Government

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The Scottish Government’s Innovation team for Health, social care and life sciences (SHIP) will be in place for September-17 people- supporting 8 programmes of work- Accelerating Innovation Adoption and Demand Signalling, AI, Investment, Growth, Medicines and Vaccines, Regulation, Global presence and UK interface.   Meet the team and hear about Governments plans for economic growth and innovation in Scotland Forward Plan for Innovation 30th September at 10 am

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The UK Life Science Vision and 7 focus areas will be launched on 7th July.   It will likely cover new missions in; Improving translational capabilities in neurodegeneration and dementia, Enabling early diagnosis and treatments, including immune therapies such as cancer vaccines, Sustaining the UK position in novel vaccine discovery development and manufacturing, Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and its major risk factors, including obesity, Reducing mortality and morbidity from respiratory disease in the UK and globally, Addressing the underlying biology of ageing and Increasing the understanding of mental health conditions including work to redefine diseases and develop translational tools to address them.   More detail on 25th August 2021.


The SHIP will be coordinating national delivery for the 7 missions as they move into funded programmes linked to the UK Innovation Plan.   If you have an interest in joining any of the mission network groups please email

Published on: 01 July 2021