Scottish Procurement Journey

The Procurement Journey

The Procurement Journey is intended to support all levels of procurement activities and to help manage the expectations of stakeholders, customers and suppliers alike. It facilitates best practice and consistency across the Scottish public sector.

The Procurement Journey provides one source of guidance and documentation for the Scottish public sector which is updated on a continual basis with any changes in legislation, policy and facilitates best practice and consistency. We would encourage you to use the source documentation in the Procurement Journey for every procurement exercise to ensure you are always using the most recent guidance and templates on an ongoing basis. The Procurement Journey has been developed as an online tool and not a manual however you can print the text from the Journey by using the 'printer friendly' option on each page. 

The Procurement Journey is compliant with the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015, Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016 and the statutory guidance.

For procurements commencing prior to 18 April 2016, guidance can be accessed in the archived Procurement Journey.

The Procurement Journey was updated on 24 March 2017 to include Care and Support Services procurements. The Construction Procurement Manual should be consulted for detailed guidance on works and construction related projects, however, the ESPD (Scotland) can be used for works and construction spend. The Construction Procurement Manual is currently being updated to reflect the recommendations of the Construction Procurement Review and recent legislative changes, if you have any quesries the Construction Procurement Policy Unit would be please to answer any questions and can be contacted at:

The term "supplier" is used throughout the Procurement Journey and refers to both suppliers and service providers.

The Journey is designed to be used in conjunction with guidance on current public procurement legislation and the Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook (currently being updated). It is also consistent with the use of electronic procurement systems for example, those provided as part of the Scottish Government’s national eCommerce Shared Services.

The guidance is designed for use by professional procurement staff or staff who are authorised by their Organisation's Procurement Function and/or formally authorised by the Organisation to conduct procurement activities. This guidance is not a substitute for legal and professional advice. You must consult with relevant procurement, legal and technical staff wherever appropriate. You should ensure, when working with this guidance that you identify and comply with any relevant internal Organisation guidelines, policies or procedures.

Published on: 23 May 2019