People walking to the NHS Scotland Event at Glasgow's SEC

The NHSScotland Event 2020 will take place Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 June 2020 at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC), Glasgow. The NHS Scotland Event is the leading health Event in Scotland. It continues to be the ‘premier meeting place’ for those committed to providing sustainable high quality health and social care services for the people of Scotland

The Health and Social Care Delivery Plan set the aim of ‘a Scotland with high quality services, that have a focus on prevention, early intervention and supported self-management.’ Ongoing work to achieve that aim has been set in the context of the now well-understood challenges of demographic changes, increasing public expectation, and demand for services against the background of an increasingly tightening financial situation.  

The different elements of the reform agenda have an essential role to play in addressing these challenges, with the key reform programmes including: the Integration of Health and Social Care; the Reform of Adult Social Care; and Public Health Reform.

To achieve our ambitions and face the challenges, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport has given particular focus to a set of clear priorities driving reform and sustainable change:

  • embedding and sustaining health and social care integration;
  • improving access to services, notably for waiting times; and
  • transforming mental health services. 

In order to be a more successful country, we need to see an overall improvement in our population health, and close the gap between the health of our wealthiest communities and the health of our poorest.

The NHSScotland Event 2020 will provide a focus to the ongoing challenges. The programme will feature inspiring examples of work being taken forward across these priority areas and will challenge thinking about what we still need to do. What more do we need to do to achieve the kind of shift to prevention, integration and closer collaboration to ensure we are healthy and active, and deliver improved population health outcomes? How do we ensure that our health and social care services can sustainably respond to the complex challenges of the 21st century? These are fundamental to achieving the Scottish Government’s National Outcome that ‘we are healthy and active’, and have a significant role in the National Outcome that ‘we live in communities that are inclusive, empowered, resilient and safe’.

Throughout the Event – including the poster exhibition – delegates will be able to see many examples of how a focus on this is improving the quality of care people receive and the outcomes they experience.

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