Connected Rural Communities Funding Opportnuties

Rural communities refer to areas in a country which are less densely populated, outside the cities and towns, as well as to remote rural areas which are often farm lands, woodland forests, plains, deserts, and prairies with few buildings and habitants living far apart from each another. 

Rural communities present several challenges in different sectors such as tourism, mobility, education, farming, energy, security and healthcare.  The issues faced by residents of rural communities are very different than those in urban areas due to a lack of access to main infrastructure. These many challenges of rural communities receive more attention in both regional and national strategies to support their development.

This is a multiple Kick-Start call organised in the following sub-thematic calls:


Life of Communities: Education & Health

Opening 19 March 2020

Closing 4 May 2020


Business Opportunities: Mobility & Tourism

Opening 4 May 2020

Closing 12 June 2020


Safety & Security

Opening 15 June 2020

Closing 24 July 2020


Management of resources: Utilities & Natural Resources

Opening 24 July 2020

Closing 18 September 2020



More information available here.



Education & Health 27 February & 10 March 2020.

Published on: 14 February 2020