Dundee Interdisciplinary and Innovation Forum (DIIF) Events Programme

Dundee Interdisciplinary and Innovation Forum (DIIF)

DIIF aims to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, in order to generate lasting impact and solve major challenges

What is DIIF?

Dundee Interdisciplinary and Innovation Forum (DIIF) is a University of Dundee forum that aims to increase interdisciplinary working opportunities and research collaborations – both internally and externally with partners and industry.

The forum facilitates events throughout the year which are designed to:

  • Provide networking environments where introductions can be made and ideas explored.

  • Encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, with the long term view of solving major challenges and creating lasting social and economic impact.

  • Encourage early intervention of major research challenges.  

  • Explore the funding landscape and prepare researchers for new funding opportunities.

  • Stimulate new research ideas/approaches.

  • Support Early Career Researchers.

Our 2020 programme of events are linked to themes of Artificial Intelligence &
Data, Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), Information Resources, Regional
Engagement, Research Environment and Society & Impact. We invite you to take a
look at our programme and to register in advance for events that take your interest.

Please click the below link to see the full article and how you can register

Programme of Events 2020 and registration

Link to Dundee AC Research main web page

Dundee AC Research home page

Published on: 10 July 2020
Last Updated On: 15 July 2020