Meeting of Innovate UK, NHS Scotland & Social Care and Industry Innovation

UK and Scottish Leaders in Health, Industry, Investment, Social Care, Government and Life Sciences Industrial Innovation in Scotland

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About this Event

This is a pivotal time for innovation. Whilst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic persists, this event demonstrates innovation as an integral part of remobilising health and social care and building a strong life science sector, with the dual aim of delivering better outcomes for citizens alongside company growth and new jobs in Scotland.

Themed around Artificial Intelligence (AI), it will provide important national updates across the life science landscape.

Hear about:

  • NHS Scotland and Social Care - forward direction, innovation and strategic alignment
  • UK perspective and opportunities
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Scotland’s priorities and access to partnerships, collaboration, NHS procurement and industrial support
  • Partnership opportunities for companies and NHS Boards/Integrated Joint Boards and stakeholder groups-to raise funds and innovate in Test beds

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Additional content videos from the event

Jack Frances video on Tailored Talks

Jack Francis Tailored Talks

Regional Test Beds for Innovation Video

Scottish Regional Test Beds for Innovation on Vimeo

Published on: 18 November 2020
Last Updated On: 27 November 2020