Public Contracts Scotland - Supplier Finder Profile

Supplier Finder is a supplier sourcing directory within Public Contracts Scotland allowing you to advertise your company on the website. It allows you to provide detailed information regarding the products or services you offer, and Buyers can then easily find your company via the Supplier Finder search tool. Registration with the tool will also improve your chances of receiving a direct invitation to quote from Buyers using “Quick Quote”.

To register with the Supplier Finder tool, you need to login to your Public Contracts Scotland registration and go to My Profile – Supplier Finder Profile section.

Please make sure you have completed the Supplier Finder Profile Details, especially your postcode, correctly.

Please make sure you add Keywords to your profile, as these will allow Buyers to find you through a keyword search.

It is also important to tick the box “Publish” and then “Save & View” to make sure your profile is made visible on the website.

The Supplier Development Programme offers free courses to Scottish SMES, supported businesses and third sector organisations on how to get the most out of PCS , please visit for more information.

Published on: 21 February 2021