NHS Tayside SBRI Briefing event Reducing Spread of Airborne Pathogens in Healthcare SBRI Innovation

NHS Tayside SBRI Briefing event- HaarSain – Reducing Spread of Airborne Pathogens in Healthcare SBRI Innovation Challenge

Here you will find a recording of the briefing event for the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition, funded by the Scottish Government, the Chief Scientific Office (CSO) with additional contribution from Transport Scotland which will fund research and development in the region of £250,000. 

The aim of the competition is to develop solutions that aid prevention or reduce the spread of droplet and airborne biological hazards, reduce NHS staff reliance on single use disposable PPE, and allow the return of clinical procedures which are currently considered high risk because of their aerosol generating nature. This may be achieved through the development of re-useable PPE, methods of decontamination, or methods of area/surface/air cleansing which avoids the requirement for PPE use, or a combination of these. The Test Bed environment is provided by NHS Tayside with additional support from the Balhousie Care Group and Zero Waste Scotland and a Programme Steering Group, with wide-ranging membership. 

Any adoption and implementation of a solution from this SBRI competition would be the subject of a separate, possibly competitive, procurement exercise. This competition covers R&D not the purchase of any solution 

The challenge will focus on three areas. 

Challenge A: Re-useable PPE, in particular, Face Masks equivalent to FFP3 standard, or equipment which would provide the same level of protection. Particular attention to face fit and comfort for longer use required. Face masks equivalent to Type IIR will also be welcome. 

Challenge B: Decontamination/cleaning of existing PPE for re-use, in particular face masks visors and shields, excluding PPE specifically manufactured as single use. 

Challenge C: Air and/or surface decontamination which will reduce the infection risk in an occupied area, reducing the infection risk in an area and reducing the need for PPE to be worn. Areas not limited to the NHS. 

Topic Speaker
Welcome and Introduction Duncan Simpson, Innovation Development, NHS Tayside
Ministerial Introduction Ivan McKee, SG Minister for Innovation
Overview of our challenge and relevance to NHS Ben Parcell, Infection Prevention and Control, NHS Tayside and HaarSain Project Clinical Lead 
Relevance to Care Home Setting Jill Kerr, CEO Balhousie Care Home Group
Lindsay Dingwall, Balhousie Care Home Group
Further expansion of challenge Karen Geekie, Transport Scotland
Working with the NHS Tayside Margaret Kennedy, Health and Safety advisor NHS Tayside,
SBRI Application Process Adriana Roemmele, NHS National Procurement
Q & A Session Moderated by Duncan Simpson

The full details and how to apply can be found here:

Published on: 04 March 2021