NHS Forth Valley Eye Health SBRI Briefing Event

We are launching a new SBRI challenge across NHS Scotland in Eye Health. Join us for a 90 minute webinar to hear about the challenge. The challenge is to pioneer next generation home vision testing, so that it can be done at home, in school and in under-served communities, with live remote supervision from healthcare professionals - Dr Iain Livingstone, NHS Forth Valley. Eye problems will be more easily detected, monitored, and managed to prevent sight loss. The project will bring together low-cost digital solutions and sources of relevant information to solve the challenges

Published On: 16 November 2020


Clinical Lead – Dr David Lowe NHS GG&C Lead Industry Collaborator – Bering as part of the iCAIRD workstream, AI is being used to optimise the reporting of Chest X-Rays by categorising the scans as normal or abnormal and therefore reducing the number of scans to be reported by a radiologist.

Published On: 30 August 2019
Last Updated On: 16 July 2020

NHS Glasgow & Clyde COPD Case study

Clinical Lead – Dr Chris Carlin NHS GG&C Lead Industry Collaborator – StormID An Innovate UK funded project, to develop a new care pathway for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The project seeks to reduce emergency hospital admissions among the highest risk COPD patients through remote monitoring and AI-enabled preventative interventions.

Published On: 30 August 2019
Last Updated On: 03 September 2019

NHS Glasgow & Clyde Trauma Application

Clinical Lead – Dr David Lowe NHS GG&C Lead Industry Collaborator – DaySix An Innovate UK funded project, the trauma app will record and assist in major trauma cases, with the aim of transforming the delivery of trauma care to ultimately save lives.

Published On: 30 August 2019
Last Updated On: 03 September 2019

Bone Fracture AI identification

Consultant Jamie Cooper outlines the brief for the ICARID SBRI project

Published On: 18 June 2019

Next Generation Solutions for Healthy Ageing

The Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) are working in partnership with Technology Enabled Care to build a Healthy Ageing Innovation Cluster to identify and explore 21st century digital solutions. Watch our short animation to learn more about our project! If you are interested in working with us register your interest

Published On: 13 May 2019

NHS Glasgow & Clyde uses Microsoft Artificial Intelligence to transform care for patients

NHS Glasgow and Clyde are trialling a pioneering use of AI to spot trends in patients suffering with chronic conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). With each unplanned hospital trip costing in the region of £6,000, the technology can play a huge part in reducing the NHS budgets required to manage people with long term conditions. As Dr Chris Carlin highlights, “Our hospitals are overfull, and we are struggling with resource to manage increasing numbers of hospital admissions, so we've got to look at strategies that can tackle all of this from both from the patient focus and from the health care organisation focus.”

Published On: 25 April 2019

P4H Scotland 12th March EICC Edinburgh, Lennox Suite

P4H Scotland 2019 Over 700 delegates enjoyed over 15 free training sessions, 5 keynote presentations, 3 NHS NSS Procurement Pavilions, the NHS Scotland Case Study Zone, the Product Showcase Exhibition and the wealth of knowledge demonstrated in the 3 training zones throughout the event.

Published On: 02 April 2019

HSCN19 - MurrayField

Meeting of the NHS and Social Care Innovation Network

Published On: 21 February 2019