Health Innovation Assessment Portal – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

As part of the response to the Scottish Government's 'Statement of Intent for Health and Wealth', NHSScotland has designed this portal as a single-point resource to develop stronger partnerships with industry. It provides potential suppliers with information, guidance and support on how to develop ideas and innovations into products and technologies that may be of use to NHSS, or to further develop established innovative products.

While we recognise there are many types of innovation which will benefit NHSS, we have identified the following 12 Priority Areas for Improvement that we are particularly interested in:

  • Person-centred Care
  • Safe Care
  • Primary Care
  • Unscheduled & Emergency Care
  • Integrated Care
  • Care for Multiple & chronic Illnesses
  • Early Years
  • Health Inequalities
  • Prevention
  • Workforce
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency & Productivity
  • General Information - We are keen to gather data on where innovations are generated from, which size of organisation, and whether or not there is a potential for this to support (or grow) employment within Scotland.
  • Benefits - This section relates back to the content, aims and ambitions of the Statement of Intent and asks how the proposal will support the delivery of this.
  • Evidence & Market Readiness - This section is to provide feedback on appropriate types and sources of evidence. It also asks specifically for comment on the 3 aspects of benefit, i.e. to what degree it can be described as efficacious (it does what it claims to do), as having relative efficiency (that this is an improvement on alternative methods), and finally that it is cost effective.
  • Commercial - This section aims to identify what the likely resource impact would be for the solution to be adopted within NHSScotland, including recurring costs and disinvestment costs.
  • Strategic Fit - This section relates to the content, aims and ambitions of the Scottish Government’s Statement of Intent for Health and Wealth and other relevant strategies. Applicants are encouraged to consider this and identify how the solution would support these.
  • Other Information - This section is to provide further relevant information on the proposed solution.

All Solution Owners (Innovators) can submit solutions to our specific Areas for Improvement using the online Submission Process.

After your solution is submitted, you will receive an immediate email confirmation. We will then contact you to tell you the outcomes of the assessment review.

If our assessors feel there is potential in your solution or it is worthwhile, it may be necessary to ask for some further information, product samples or contact you to arrange an initial discussion or meeting.

If there is no potential in your solution or HIAP-Scotland is not the correct platform to launch your solution, we will tell you, however we will keep your solution on record for future reference.

We will review each submission individually to assess whether it has potential suitability against a series of 12 strategic aims to support progress in delivery of the 2020 routemap. Each submission will then be assessed by experienced and qualified healthcare professionals who will have the opportunity to provide constructive criticism and feedback on potential technologies and innovations through a multi-disciplinary assessment community.

If your solution is still of interest to us after this stage, we will contact you to arrange an initial discussion or meeting.

Yes, you will be able check the status of your submission i.e. In Progress, Under Assessment, Assessed – Recommended etc.

Yes, you can submit multiple solutions, however you must complete a separate submission form for each idea.

Ideally, your solution will be protected by granted or applied-for patents. However, NHSS are willing to discuss early stage ideas before a patent filing has been made, or before it has been published. We will treat all information you provide confidentially.

To make sure all submissions are fairly and rigorously evaluated, we ask that all solutions are submitted via our online Submission Form.

You will receive an immediate email confirmation that we have received your submission and while we cannot guarantee a timescale for our assessors, we will try to respond within eight weeks of your submission. Where this timescale is not feasible, we will let you know.

While we do review each submission individually, we cannot share specific reasons for our decisions. However, if all submissions have been correctly submitted, your submission may be declined for one of the following reasons:

  • The product or solution is already is known to us.
  • The product or solution does not fit within a Priority Area for Improvement.
  • HIAP-Scotland is not the correct platform to launch your solution.

See response to ‘For what reasons might my submission be declined?’

Your innovation submission is more likely to proceed if its description is clear and concise. Its emphasis should be on unique features and benefits it can offer NHSS and should clearly address one of the following Triple Aim Domains and a specific Area for Improvement. See 2020 routemap

  • Quality of Care
  • Health of the Population
  • Value and Sustainability

Yes, all solution owners can submit a solution that meets our specified criteria.

You will be able to use the innovation assessment feedback provided in any marketing publicity, or the assessment may simply help you to determine what its market worthiness feasibility is within an NHS or similar entity. Please refer to Term of Participation.

We will use the contact details/personal information you provide to stay in touch with you, and will not pass to any third parties other than those involved with the assessment of your solution.