Case Study

Medical Device Regulation 2017/745

On the 25th May 2017 there was a significant change in the European Union (EU) legislation relating to medical devices.

Published On: 09 December 2019

Investment options for consideration

Investment options for consideration Some hints and tips when considering your funding options

Published On: 21 March 2019

Consultant Connect

Consultant Connect offers GPs access to immediate advice and guidance from consultants over the telephone. Calls connect in an average time of under 35 seconds, meaning that they can get the advice while the patient is still with them if preferred...

Published On: 17 March 2019

Freestyle Libre v2

Freestyle Libre® is a new device for measuring sugar (glucose) levels in the body. The use of Freestyle Libre® may allow some people with diabetes, who need to regularly monitor their glucose levels, to reduce the number of times per day they need to measure their blood glucose.

Published On: 17 March 2019