Digital Health, Housing and Care Learning Network 26-28 May 2021

Digital Health, Housing and Care Learning Network 26-28 May 2021


Virtual sessions



The Digital Health, Housing and Care Learning Network virtual sessions are knowledge exchange opportunities for staff with an interest in how digital tools can be used to support service delivery in health, local authorities, third sector and housing organisations.

We are grateful to those organisations and individuals who give their time and expertise to contribute to these informative sessions. 

Scotland is an active member of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHA) and this year we are hosting and promoting several sessions in partnership with the ECHA, including the launch of two new Thematic Innovation Ecosystems.

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Wednesday 26 May 09:00 - 10:00


European Connected Health Alliance Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Integrated Care


COVID-19 – How to effectively communicate the need for change?

The Scottish Government is co-ordinating the international consortium delivering the SCIROCCO Exchange project that is developing tools to support the scale-up of integrated care. Together with the European Connected Health Alliance‘s newly launched Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Integrated Care; we are hosting the first Ecosystem session. Join us to learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic, which has proven to be a catalyst for change, and integrated care, has impacted the ways we communicate about the need to change and new ways of delivering services and training. What insights can we derive for integrated services?  Speakers from Scotland and Lithuania will discuss:


  • methods for communicating the need for change
  • the shift to delivering training remotely
  • communication strategies and healthcare literacy initiatives


Integrated Care Thematic Innovation Ecosystem Webinar 26 May 2021-AgendaDownload


Wednesday 26 May 12:45 - 13:15


Digital Approaches in Care Homes

Enabling citizens to access and use digital services is a national priority with established principles. Join this session for an update on the work underway in Scotland by the Digital Response Care Home group to guide the development and deployment of digital tools in care home settings. 

Follow this link for further reading on this initiative and the Digital Approaches Care Home Action Plan (December 2020). 

Speaker: Rikke Iversholt, Social Care Lead, Technology Enabled Care (TEC), Digital Health and Care Directorate, Scottish Government.



Wednesday 26 May 14:00 - 16:00


Telecare: Meet the Suppliers - Alternative Digital Solutions

This session continues the series of workshops that aim to raise awareness and share good practice between housing, health and social care providers about the move from analogue to digital telecare services. The national ALL-IP programme (analogue to digital telephony infrastructure migration) is due to be concluded by 2025. At the heart of this change is the citizen experience and co-production of solutions that best serve their needs in a personalised way. 

The attendees at the previous workshops took part in discussions including partnership working; service redesign, understanding the needs of residents and focusing on outcomes.

The recording of the first of these Meet the Supplier sessions is available at: Telecare Analogue to Digital – Meet the Suppliers.

If you have any questions, please direct them to



Wednesday 26 May 14:30 - 16:00


Europe - Africa Health Summit - Improving Access through Telehealth


The Africa Healthcare Federation (AHF) is hosting this joint webinar with the European Connected Health Alliance to consider how the development of Telehealth can be embedded into resilient and innovative healthcare systems.

Dr Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation, Digital Health and Care Directorate, Scottish Government joins the high-level panel of speakers for this event.




Thursday 27 May 09:30 - 10:15


Human Rights in Digital Health and Care


The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)
, Scottish Care and VOX (Voices Of eXperience) are working to support the development of rights-based digital health and social care policy and practice across Scotland.

Exploring six principles for a human rights-based approach to digital health and social care, the session will update on this work and suggest ways to get involved with the upcoming events. The presenters want to engage with people who access services and people who provide support to refine the principles and collectively develop practice-based scenarios that illustrate their application in health and social care.


Further information can be found on the Scottish Care website.



Thursday 27 May 10:30 - 11:00


Digital Initiatives Supporting Independence


This session will be led by the Blackwood Group which provides homes and support using innovation to support the independence of residents. Learning and good practice to share from developing with people. 

Please join us to learn more about some of its initiatives including Digital Coaching and the Digital Buddy. To find out more about Blackwood’s work go to

Speaker: Ryan MacDonald, Design & Engagement Manager, Blackwood


Friday 28 May 09:30 - 10:00


Discover Digital - Tools for Supporting Self Management


Discover Digital is a project led by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland to raise awareness of digital tools which promote health and wellbeing. 

Join this session to hear more about the project and the creation of a Discover Digital resource to support better digital health and care awareness, skills, and confidence. For more information follow this link.

Speaker: Carmen Paputa-Dutu, Digital Health and Care Lead, the ALLIANCE


Friday 28 May 13:00 - 14:00


European Connected Health Alliance Thematic Innovation Ecosystem on Digital Health and Wellbeing



The role of Digital Health and Care in response to COVID-19 & momentum for change

The May 2021 Ecosystem is the first session on this topic and will provide an overview from two Ecosystem members. From Scotland, we will hear about the impact of COVID-19 on the national roll out of technology enabled care, drawing on a specific example from the work on Remote Health Pathways. From Slovenia, we will hear about how the expansion of digital health is being managed and integrated into routine service pathways.






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Published on: 21 May 2021